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We manufacture and supply a premium range of quality TMT Bars in the Northeast. Our cutting-edge machinery and equipment make it highly durable and suits the requirements of our esteemed customers.

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Its innovation PAWAN CASTINGS TMX Fe 550D is a technological achievement that re-writes the standards of construction industry. Developed keeping in the mind the essentials of earthquake resistant construction, Pawan Castings TMX Fe 500D Bars is the answer to all your needs. Pawan Castings TMX Fe 550D Bars is totally Sulphur and Phosphorus controlled and purified to the latest quality standards to give your construction the extra strength to withhold under extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Sulphur and Phosphorus are the harmful impurities that make a rebar vulnerable to cracking. Pawan Castings TMX Fe 550D Bars reduces the combined level of these impurities up to 0.075% as per the latest BIS specifications. Therefore, Pawan Castings TMX Fe 550D Bars is better and more reliable than other rebars available in the market. With Pawan Castings TMX Fe 500D Bars comes a promise of strength, stability and standard for every company or individual involved in the process of construction.

Features & Advantages

Higher Stength

Only pure steel billets are used in Pawan Castings TMT. The raw material is chosen specifically for its high Manganese content, as well as lower Sulphur and Phosphorus content.

More Ductility

Pawan Castings TMT bars offer excellent ductility due to strict control over aspects like chemical composition and temperature of online production process.

Better Bending

Superior bendability and easier work ability are made possible with the unique combination of a tough outer core and softer innetr core.

Increased Weldability

Pawan Castings TMT bars are ideal for both lap and butt welding. Their low carbon content ensures optimal strength of the welded joints, without requiring any addition.

Corrosion Resistant

Thanks to their Pine and uniform micro structure, Pawn Castings TMT bars do not corrode even when embedded in concrete. This is also because flawless manufacturing ensures that there are no residual torsion stresses in the bars.

Fire Resistant

Even at temperatures touching 600 degrees Celcius, Pawan Castings TMT bars display excellent strength and resilience. These qualities act as a safety shield against fire hazards.

Fatigue Resistant

Fatigue in TMT bars begins with accumulation of stress at the root of its ribs, which leads to 'weakness'. Since Pawan Castings TMT bars are made with accurate uniformed ribs for inherent strength of surface layer that makes high fatigue resistant bars.

Better Economy

Since Pawan Castings TMT bars have up to 20% higher strength, they ensure that a lesser quantity of steel is needed. This ultimately results in lower overall cost of construction.



The Finest TMT Bars Manufacturer In Guwahati

Pawan Castings fill up the void of the people in the region by manufacturing outstanding products. Our outputs are relevant for various purposes such as residential, commercial applications, and industrial projects. In addition to concrete reinforcement structures, bridges, dams, and thermal and hydel power plants, we feel proud to serve the purpose in the industrial sector. And that has been achieved well through our products in the industrial category. 

TMT Bars are in demand in the market due to their flexibility. TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars uses Quenching and Tempering technology during production, obtaining their distinguishing strength from that process. There is no chemical treatment implicated in the manufacturing of TMT bars.


Pawan Castings, the leading TMT Bars manufacturer in Guwahati

Our products speak for themselves through our services in terms of durability, consumer-friendliness, and usefulness. Moreover, it is easy to install and provides long-term cost-effective maintenance savings.

Today, our environment and health are our major priorities. And we take gratification in mentioning here that in our welding processes, we don’t utilize rubber seals or joint chemicals which harm the environment and health. Our motto lies to be in the service of the people and the environment at its best.



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